Island for sale!

Nicaragua, 2014.

There’s a small caribbean island group sitting just off the coast of Nicaragua.

The Pearl Cays.
Hard to get there, only via the devoured water ways in the autonomous region Costa Caribe Sur.
Every island, except for one which is a military base, are privately owned, mostly by rich Europeans.

Locals are offering weekend retreats for tourists to some of these islands, DIY style.
But what’s lurking behind the shiny facades of these pink paradises?
What happened that the owners decided not to maintain their „foreign investments“?
How much do you have to cash in to buy one of these drowning pieces of land?
Just swipe off the dust and make it shiny again, and enjoy while it lasts?

On the waterway to Bluefields.

During Hurricane Mitch in the year 1998 huge landmasses were swallowed by the ocean due to landslides and flooding.
At least 3800 people died in Nicaragua.

Video copyright by Chel Chubbington